Key Persons

Each child has their own key person to help them settle into the school. By using the key person system each family has one special member of staff who will be able to learn about their child and plan to meet their needs. They will collect and evaluate information about your child and together with parents will be able to develop a plan of learning that will be incorporated into the nursery programme



The nursery base their planning around the Every Child Matters document concentrating on guidance from the Early Years Foundation Stage. The areas of learning are Communication, Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Problem Solving and Reasoning, Physical, Creative, Knowledge & Understanding of the World and Personal, Social and Emotional. The Nursery believes that young children absorb knowledge through experiencing and experimenting rather than through formal teaching.


We provide separate group times for the two-year-olds at certain times during the nursery day, as large groups are not always appropriate for this age group.


We plan the curriculum for the term and then plan for each individual week. Through observations and record keeping we make sure the needs of the individual child are reflected within the planning. We make sure that we are flexible and can incorporate children’s experiences that occur during the term.

The parents get to keep a portfolio record of their child’s experiences when they leave


Parental Involvement

We see parents as valuable assets to the nursery. Parents hold key information that helps us to provide the best possible care for their child. Although parents are not counted within the staff ratio we actively encourage them to spend time within the nursery. Many parents are working and may find it hard to take time off but we are always available to share information over the phone, e-mail, through newsletters, in regular meetings, and encourage parents to join us on nursery outings.


In teh past we took part in the successful Parent Partnership Project, which looked at ways to actively encourage parents to play a role in observing and planning for their child.


Special Educational Needs

We give priority to children with Special Educational Needs and work closely with Camden’s Early intervention team to provide the necessary resources.